Remote desktop "internal error" solution
October 15,2021
Remote desktop prompt "internal error", is caused by the service is busy, usually only restart the remote server "RDP" service to solve temporarily, but take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, so frequent errors allows users to bear, after search entire network data, finally find t...
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Error 502 occurs after a high defense IP address is configured for the server
September 04,2021
Server users in order to ensure the stability of the business operation and avoid the destruction of the cyber attacks, so choose good prevention services to the server configuration, but there are some server users access services access high website later suggests a 502 error, below small make up ...
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How to improve the security of your web server
August 24,2021
Web server in the long run the DDoS attacks, will happen in the process of receiving junk E-mail, hackers steal data, or other malicious behavior, in the face of this situation is part of the web server user may not know how to deal with, the web server user can actually in the daily do something to...
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Servers are not just repositories for websites
August 12,2021
An excellent enterprise website is not to say that only one aspect is done well, it can be all right. It definitely needs to be evaluated in terms of design, ease of use, architecture, etc. It's like buying a car isn't just about 100 kilometers. Everyone's needs are different, but no ...
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What is the difference between a Linux server and a Windows server
August 03,2021
With the development of society, the server has been widely used in our life, many industries need servers, now the market is running the most Linux server and Windows server, then what is the difference between the two? Xiaobian for you to introduce. 1, cost performance: both from the cost perfo...
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The matters needing attention for renting the server of the station group
July 19,2021
     In the Internet era, in order to adapt to the development of The Times, both physical products, virtual products and services are building their own websites and choosing their own brands, products and services. Many enterprises to seize market share or individual stationmaste...
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The selection of station group server and matters needing attention
July 12,2021
In the Internet era of rapid development of competition, the development of any industry is very fierce, it can be said that each product will not exist alone. Such as the site group server is no exception, it can enrich the choice of users, and play an important role in the site group optimizati...
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Advantages of independent servers overseas
July 07,2021
In the integration of the global economy grew with cross-border electricity industry development at the same time, now is not just a business users in overseas business development, a lot of individual users also began to set up outside the web service, and set up overseas websites overseas server i...
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The need to configure SSL Certificates for your website
June 29,2021
Website server configuration SSL certificate is actually the CA to the user's public key authentication, including the information of the electronic visa authority, the public key user information, the authority signature and validity period. A CA organization is a third party responsible for s...
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Advantages of SSD solid-state drives
June 25,2021
Servers that use SSDs are faster and more flexible than those that use traditional HDD drives. Servers that use SSDs are more likely to offer SSDs than those that use traditional HDD drives. Here are some of the trends in server SSDs. First: fast speed The traditional HDD hard disk only uses a...
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How to protect the security of the website server
June 22,2021
The website server in the use of security is the top priority, only to ensure the security of the website server, in order to ensure the stable operation of the business for a long time, then about what will harm the security of the website server and lead to the system security risks, the following...
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The phenomenon of DDoS attacks on US websites
June 18,2021
The web server user in the long-term use the most headache is encountered in the process of network attacks, network attack after bring a loss after all for the website server users may be unable to estimate, even can't afford, but some American website server users have not found when a DDoS a...
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Advantage of American Station-Cluster Servers
June 15,2021
The United States station group server is very suitable for website SEO search engine optimization, at the same time, the promotion of external links is very obvious, and the United States station group server IP resources are very rich, unlike other areas are easy to appear IP resource scarcity, so...
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The difference between a VPS server and a physical server
June 07,2021
1. Concept differentiation VPS Server is the use of Virtual technology to divide the physical Server into a number of independent space, each space is a Virtual Server, that is, VPS Server, English is Virtual Private Server. Users who rent the VPS server will not have the full right to use the enti...
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Why choose the Hong Kong site group server?
June 04,2021
With the continuous development of the Internet, the major search engines are constantly updated, and the site group has become the mainstream. Some webmasters do station group, some are pan-station, and some are used for SEO optimization. The final reason is to collect, draw traffic and make mon...
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About the server latency high causes and solutions
May 31,2021
Many people often encounter a problem when surfing the Internet, that is, some web pages open very slowly. According to the latest statistics, the current acceptable network delay is only 7 seconds, which means that if a web page can not be opened within 7 seconds, you may face the loss of customers...
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Factors affecting server stability in computer rooms in Hong Kong
May 24,2021
No matter the server in the Hong Kong computer room or other overseas servers or domestic servers, users will inevitably encounter a variety of problems in the process of using. For example: the server runs the card slowly, the switch is serious, the line is not stable. So how do these problems l...
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How do servers back up?
May 22,2021
Data loss and corruption is our business and website owners nightmare. Most of our data losses are caused by hardware failures, software errors, human error, and natural disasters. An effective way to protect your data from these disasters is to back it up. Proper server backup methods can minimize ...
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What kind of server should foreign trade choose?
May 17,2021
With the development of the Internet and global integration, many foreign trade enterprises have also developed rapidly. So what kind of server should we choose? 1. Speed and stability Fast and stable foreign trade website server is the first condition of operation. This is the first and most imp...
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What are the advantages of overseas station group machines?
May 12,2021
1. Station-group servers have rich IP resources The site group server has rich and independent IP resources, which can make each website have independent and pure IP support, so that each website is independent, which can well avoid the website being regarded as violating the rules and thus being...
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How to test whether the Hong Kong server rented is CN2 line?
May 10,2021
Cn2, a new generation of integrated bearer network of China Telecom, serves the key business of China Telecom and SLA business with QoS guarantee. It can provide high-performance network indicators, with average one-way delay, maximum one-way delay and one-way packet loss rate all at the top l...
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What are the advantages of an offshore server?
May 07,2021
The rapid development of the Internet makes transnational trade more convenient, more carefree and more frequent. Foreign trade enterprises are also the messengers of transnational trade and assume the responsibility of trade between countries. Many foreign trade enterprises in the "buy the world, s...
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What are the benefits of CDN acceleration for websites?
April 23,2021
With the increase of the number of visits to the website, the speed of website access will be slower and slower, and the bandwidth will cost a lot, especially now the cloud host is charged according to M, and it will be very expensive after 5M, which is unbearable for some people. Therefore, the CDN...
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How to test whether the Hong Kong server rented is CN2 line?
April 12,2021
Cn2, a new generation of integrated bearer network of China Telecom, serves the key business of China Telecom and SLA business with QoS guarantee. It can provide high-performance network indicators, with average one-way delay, maximum one-way delay and one-way packet loss rate all at the top level. ...
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Enterprise website how to choose their own server?
April 06,2021
As is known to all, in the beginning of the website construction enterprises should first decided to choose what style of the web server, web server play a decisive role to loading a site, if there is no guarantee that the website loading speed for the site optimization work also has the difficulty,...
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How to choose Hong Kong server
January 08,2020
The Hong Kong server is the first choice for companies in the foreign trade industry, financial industry and e-commerce industry, because not only covers the Asia-Pacific region, but also because Hong Kong has access to multiple international submarine cables, which can be used as a transit point fo...
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How to choose bandwidth?
January 03,2020
JimCloud's server products have three bandwidths for users to choose from, which are Premium Network, Standard Network, and International Network: Premium Network: For customers who need access from China, request high access speed, and they also need to be accessed by Hong Kong l...
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Why Hong Kong Multi IPs Servers Are Popular
December 25,2019
Configuring a separate IP for the website can increase the weight of the website and improve the ranking of search engines. The Multi-IPs server is characterized by multiple IPs. Enterprises can set up multiple websites under different IPs. Each website is independent, which is more conducive to sea...
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Advantages of Hong Kong dedicated servers
December 18,2019
JimCloud's self-operated Data Center is Hong Kong ME IDC, located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. It provides IDC value-added services such as Hong Kong server rental, Hong Kong multi IPs server rental, and Hong Kong bandwidth. Hong Kong servers have many advantages: 1. Easy to use, no filing require...
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Server SSH security settings
August 31,2019
SSH is the most common attacker in cyber attacks. Therefore, users who set up SSH in the server must ensure the security mechanism of the server. Usually, the default listening port of SSH is 22, so we can scan through 22 ports or use ip shielding. The way to protect the server, the following is ...
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