The selection of station group server and matters needing attention
July 12,2021

In the Internet era of rapid development of competition, the development of any industry is very fierce, it can be said that each product will not exist alone. Such as the site group server is no exception, it can enrich the choice of users, and play an important role in the site group optimization promotion. So, which server is better? Take a look below!

One, which kind of station group server is good?

The definition of good and bad is based on the user's consumption experience. So there is no absolute definition of what is good. However, there are standardised purchasing elements. Read on for details:
1. High cost performance
Some people pursue high quality in consumption, thus equating price with quality. In fact, the good and bad of many products are determined by the price, which is a bit realistic. Just like today's TV, a good TV used to cost tens of thousands of yuan, but now with the progress of science and technology, you can buy your favorite products with only a few thousand yuan. Therefore, the station group server to look at the cost-effective is good.
2. Compatibility
With the popularization of science and technology, PC terminal and mobile terminal are enjoying the benefits of the network. Therefore, a good station group server requires high compatibility, not picky, limited to a certain device, website platform and so on.
3, the number of IP
Station-cluster IP is a multi-server device, and many Station-cluster server options may contain a small number of IPs, not that many. Therefore, when choosing a server, we should try to choose a server package with a large number of IP, because the station group server has a relatively high requirement for the number of IP.

However, the server of a website is equivalent to the "CEO" of the enterprise website operation, which affects the optimization effect of the station group. Therefore, in the selection of the station group server can not be perfunctory, but need to pay attention to the following matters.

Second, what should we pay attention to when choosing the server of the station group?
1. The cost of the server
The function of server plays an important role in the success or failure of enterprise operation. However, the cost is also the primary consideration of the enterprise, if there is no financial support in the operation, will not be able to talk about development. As a result, some companies will save money on servers.
In fact, server performance will help enterprises retain users and improve the conversion of products and services. Therefore, when choosing, it is recommended not to squeeze the server cost too much.
2, server performance
A good server can help users quickly open the site and improve the user experience. Therefore, it is important to put performance first when choosing a server.
3. Server stability
The stable performance of the server means that users can improve the user's adhesion, there will be no website abnormalities, such as not open, ranking dropped, improve the interest of users to visit, so as to convert users into loyal fans, to achieve the development of the enterprise.
To sum up, station cluster servers affect the optimization effect. But it does not mean that the server represents the success of optimization, it is just a significant effect of auxiliary station group optimization. If enterprises want a good effect of station cluster optimization, they need to do the following:
[1] Regularly update quality content
Good content can attract regular visits from users and get the attention of search engines. Therefore, it is critical to maintain regular quantitative updates.

[2] Put the website in a different IP address

The IP address represents the location of the website. Therefore, site cluster optimization must put the website on different IP, to ensure that there is no joint liability between websites.