How to protect the security of the website server
June 22,2021
The website server in the use of security is the top priority, only to ensure the security of the website server, in order to ensure the stable operation of the business for a long time, then about what will harm the security of the website server and lead to the system security risks, the following Xiaobian to share.

1: Password and certificate

Data gaps and other attacks from not usually strict authentication, security, low password and keys or certificate management, web server users should weigh the use of convenience and reducing the risk of attack, so the use of the form of multiple authentication server recommended, such as one-time password, mobile phone certification or smart card protection, etc.

2: Account hijacking

Phishing sites, fraud and software development have certain threats to website servers and websites. Once hackers successfully eavesdrop, manipulate website servers and tamper with data, they will cause serious losses. Therefore, all the management account and service account of the website server need strict supervision. The key point is to protect the security authentication of the account binding from being stolen.

3: Interface and API intrusion

Web server users will use interface and API to manage and interact, including management, establishment and supervision function, but the API and interface is exposed in the web server system, because they all can open into the network, so the web server user need good security coding and strict inspection into the detection, Safety components such as API authentication, entry control, and activity monitoring are utilized.

4: System vulnerability

Web server operating system layer has a different degree of vulnerability to become hacker attack object, but the web server operating system vulnerability risk can be through routine maintenance means to reduce, the web server should be added as soon as possible in the process of daily use fix, change control process to ensure that remedial measures for emergency patch can be recorded properly, And by the technical team review, the update system can also effectively repair the website server system vulnerabilities.

5: APT Virus

APT viruses establish a foothold by infiltrating web server systems and then steal data and intellectual property for long periods of time, so web server users must keep abreast of the latest advanced attacks and deploy relevant protection strategies. In addition, it is necessary to constantly strengthen the notification program of the website server to alert users, which can reduce being cheated by APT virus.

6: Data loss

About the web server to a permanent data loss basic rarely appears, but there is still a hacker will adopt the way of permanently delete data to harm American website server user, or because the system to lower the probability of such as damage or hard disk failure will lead to the loss of data, so the web server user needs to scattered data and application to strengthen protection, Develop good maintenance habits of daily backup and remote storage.

7: Shared risk

The vulnerability of sharing technology also brings great security risks to the website server. Whether it is shared infrastructure, platform or application, as long as any layer of problems will lead to all affected, resulting in the entire environment of the website server exposed to potential threats and vulnerabilities.

The above content is a number of factors that lead to the existence of security risks to the website server, of course, more than these aspects of the website server to bring danger, so the website server users need to develop a good operating system, pay attention to the maintenance of all aspects in the daily use process, to protect the security of the United States website server.