The difference between a VPS server and a physical server
June 07,2021
1. Concept differentiation
VPS Server is the use of Virtual technology to divide the physical Server into a number of independent space, each space is a Virtual Server, that is, VPS Server, English is Virtual Private Server. Users who rent the VPS server will not have the full right to use the entire server. They only have the right to rent the VPS server themselves, but they also have independent IP and operating system, which can be restarted and started.

The physical server is the computer equipment with high computing power and high performance. Has hard disk, motherboard, CPU, similar to the daily PC computer. However, physical servers are the devices used in enterprises to process and store data, which have higher performance, stronger computing power and higher expansibility than PC computers.

Two, price comparison
Under normal circumstances, the price of the VPS server is much lower than that of the physical server. The price of the low-matched VPS server can even be as low as tens of yuan, while the price of the physical server varies from hundreds to thousands of yuan according to different configurations.
Comparison of hardware and software
The VPS server shares storage space and hardware with other users and can only use a certain percentage of memory space, while the physical server has the entire memory and hard disk space of the entire server. The VPS server can only see a few parameters in the Device Manager interface, while the physical server can see information such as the hard disk, keyboard, CD-ROM drive, etc. VPS servers typically have higher-end CPUs with less memory and hard disk space, while 1T of physical server memory is common.

Four, performance comparison

Because the VPS server is separated from the physical server, although the use of the physical server and there is no difference, but not as stable as the physical server, and the computing speed is slower than the physical server, low performance, suitable for customers who do not require high configuration. The physical server has higher stability, fast speed and high performance, which is suitable for various industries with high demand.
In general, if it is the need for high performance, high stability of the server, it is recommended to choose to rent the physical server, and the configuration of no high requirements, the utilization rate is not high, and the hope of less capital investment, it is recommended to rent the VPS server.