Factors affecting server stability in computer rooms in Hong Kong
May 24,2021

No matter the server in the Hong Kong computer room or other overseas servers or domestic servers, users will inevitably encounter a variety of problems in the process of using. For example: the server runs the card slowly, the switch is serious, the line is not stable. So how do these problems lead to? Can these problems explain the server instability? Here is a brief introduction of the following factors that affect the stability of the server in the computer room of Hong Kong.

First, the server configuration does not conform to the existing traffic site
What does that mean? Many users did not give their own site to do the right positioning, choose Hong Kong room server is not suitable for their own site, such as: Existing websites visit websites with more than 10,000 IP per day, but choose a server configuration that is not enough to support this number, which may lead to unstable server operation, and the website will appear "Service unavailability" and other problems in the peak of visitors. Therefore, it is suggested that when renting or buying a server in the Hong Kong computer room, you should first consider the magnitude and type of your website, such as: daily IP 1W, download stations, pictures and video resources, etc. Before buying, it is best to consult online customer service personnel according to the needs of each site to recommend webmaster to choose their own server.

Second, a large amount of resource consumption
It is not recommended to use the small server in the Hong Kong computer room when operating the download station or the picture and video resource station. This type of site, the choice of Hong Kong room independent server and configuration of higher bandwidth is a good choice. Some sites, access traffic is not large, but the occupation of server bandwidth resources are very large, such as download, music, video, pictures and other resources accounted for too much, as far as possible to avoid the peak of the occupation of resources is a guarantee to ensure the stability of the site. There are other, such as: when we use the site CMS system, in the background of the update may also appear the site stuck, no response, which is a large number of resources, high concurrency caused by one-time update, in plain English is the update of the page magnitude is too large. Solution: a single column update, a small number of times update.

Third, the server CPU is fully loaded

In some servers, some users too deployment in the server program, and such a practice is also a comparison of the resource, and the direct online users like the test program and debug, run to the problematic program, it is to fill the server resources, the relative web page open speed is slow, so in this remind users, As far as possible, make sure that the program uploaded to the server is tested and has no problems. After downloading the program with problems to the local or special development and testing environment, upload it. Avoid online testing as much as possible.
Usually, there are many reasons for slow access to Hong Kong servers in China. Hardware, software, bandwidth and other factors may cause domestic access to Hong Kong room server card slow. This is especially true when the upstream operators' international export nodes are congested. We suggest that when your domestic users are slow to access the server in the Hong Kong machine room, it is recommended to communicate with your server supplier at the first time, to exclude the reasons or common problems, and to get solutions from them