About the server latency high causes and solutions
May 31,2021
Many people often encounter a problem when surfing the Internet, that is, some web pages open very slowly. According to the latest statistics, the current acceptable network delay is only 7 seconds, which means that if a web page can not be opened within 7 seconds, you may face the loss of customers. So what exactly causes the network lag? Today I will tell you about the understanding of server latency and solutions.

1. Configuration factors of the server itself

Is the so-called good horse with a good saddle, whether it is to do any use, you have to choose a suitable own server, if you only covet cheap and choose a simply can not meet your needs of the server, so even if it is a good server rental service can not achieve your ideal effect, after all, it is difficult to make bricks without straw.

So server hosting should pay attention to what a few details? In fact, the key server is composed of memory, CPU, hard disk, we only need to pair these several good then twice the result with half the effort. Not necessarily the most expensive, but the most appropriate. If you don't know how to match, you can consult IDC service providers, they will match the most appropriate server for you according to your own situation.

2, network bandwidth selection factors

When choosing your bandwidth, you must first understand the number of daily visits to your web page and an area of your customer base. First of all, we start from the daily traffic, a traffic can determine the size of your bandwidth, high traffic must be matched with a high bandwidth, this is not to be able to save, penny wise and pound foolish. Then let's talk about the customer base. If you have customers all over the country, you might have customers from north to south. Domestic and foreign regions (domestic and foreign servers)

3. Environmental factors of the server

Let's start with the environment of the server, which means a place where the server is stored. For example, computer room, company and even home. Different environments have different effects, of course, the professional server hosting room effect is certainly much better. Because the machine room can according to customer needs to provide users with different bandwidth size, different bandwidth in the use of speed is different.

4, website traffic is too large, normal traffic, of course, choose to upgrade broadband. But the abnormal traffic needs to check the traffic source in time, whether there is an attack, the attack is the server port or the website. One by one to investigate, emergency shutdown by the attack of the website and port.

Users in the choice of server rental for the server often appear some problems should have a general understanding, so that later server problems, can also be able to quickly solve the problem, in order to reduce the harm of these problems to users.