What are the advantages of an offshore server?
May 07,2021
The rapid development of the Internet makes transnational trade more convenient, more carefree and more frequent. Foreign trade enterprises are also the messengers of transnational trade and assume the responsibility of trade between countries. Many foreign trade enterprises in the "buy the world, sell the world" trend, relying on the foreign trade website platform, fast pace of foreign trade business.

However, in this fast-paced business development, many foreign trade enterprises because they are "laymen" in terms of website related knowledge, encountered a lot of troubles. How to choose to have after-sale service to ensure the overseas server provider, rent to a good overseas server.

Advantages of overseas servers:

No-filing, no need for cumbersome filing process

International bandwidth, global access speed is stable

Hardware configuration is good, cost-effective than domestic

Less restrictions on the content of the website, for some game service providers, stocks, foreign trade business are best to use outside the server.

The difference between the foreign server and the domestic server:

The same server stored in a different geographical location, the use of network resources are different. Different servers are stored in the same location and use the same network resources, so the situation is different. This also contributes to the uniqueness of the region and the performance of the server.

Body configuration, network resource allocation, the type of the website, let the stationmaster feel that the high performance of the foreign server is actually because of these basic points. The upgrade of the airframe configuration can be greatly guaranteed in operation.

Network resource allocation is also the biggest advantage, although the domestic local access speed is fast, but the external information transmission, the speed is not stable. Many of the servers in foreign countries have great advantages in speed, and what they use abroad is international bandwidth. This also leads many sites that need large bandwidth support to opt for offshore servers.

The above is about the advantages of the overseas server, I believe we have some understanding.