The need to configure SSL Certificates for your website
June 29,2021
Website server configuration SSL certificate is actually the CA to the user's public key authentication, including the information of the electronic visa authority, the public key user information, the authority signature and validity period. A CA organization is a third party responsible for specifying the policies and procedures used to authenticate users and sign SSL Certificates to ensure the identity and ownership of the public key of the user on the holder's website server. The following Xiaobian will introduce the necessity of configuring the SSL certificate for the website server.

1: Encrypt sensitive information so that it is not disclosed

Web server configuration is the main reason of the SSL certificate to secure sending sensitive information encryption, prevent important data don't leak out, this also is the important thing to protect the safety of web server, after all, all information on the Internet, if the unencrypted are likely to be a third party, including the user name and password, and other sensitive information. The website server configures SSL certificate after can guarantee not to be read the information, protects the information data to encounter hacker infringement.

2: Provide authentication to prevent phishing sites

Website server configuration SSL certificates also provide authentication, meaning you can ensure that the information is sent to the correct address, preventing third parties from masquerading as and tricking the user to gain access to the user's personal information and causing damage. The SSL certificate is issued by a trusted CA institution. When applying for the certificate, the information of an American website server enterprise/organization will be strictly verified. Therefore, it is very important to choose the SSL certificate issued by a trusted CA institution, and the CA institution will issue the SSL certificate after verifying various information.

3: Increase trust and eliminate unsafe cues

HTTP sites without SSL certificate configuration will prompt insecure identification, affecting user credibility and loss of site flow, while the website server website after configuring SSL certificate, in the browser address bar can display a small green lock icon, green address bar, EV SSL certificate can also display enterprise/organization name, To ensure that visitors know that their connection is secure and protected, thus providing more trust to visitors.

4: is conducive to SEO optimization keyword ranking

Google, Baidu and other browsers clearly indicate that the configuration of the SSL certificate of the website server site priority ranking right, so unless the website server website is configured with SSL certificate, otherwise the site will be difficult to find in the front of the search engine position, thus affecting the site's traffic and income.

To sum up, you website server users for the necessity of website configuration SSL certificate will certainly understand, in general, SEO optimization and bidding type promotion of the United States website server users, it is recommended to configure SSL certificate to achieve better business results.