How to choose bandwidth?
January 03,2020
JimCloud's server products have three bandwidths for users to choose from, which are Premium Network, Standard Network, and International Network:

Premium Network:
For customers who need access from China, request high access speed, and they also need to be accessed by Hong Kong local users and foreign users. Premium network is the best return route we provide to our customers, included CN2/HKT/HKIX/CMI, server product contain with 10M Premium network ;

Standard Network:
CMI / HKT / HKIX is mainly targeted at some local users in Hong Kong and corporate users who do not have such high access quality requirements in China, server product contain with 15M Standard network;

International Network:

HKT / HKIX, mainly covering Hong Kong local and international lines, server product contain with 20M Internet network;

JimCloud 's three type bandwidths can achieve global coverage, but the coverage quality in the mainland area is slightly different. Please choose according to your needs.