What are the benefits of CDN acceleration for websites?
April 23,2021
With the increase of the number of visits to the website, the speed of website access will be slower and slower, and the bandwidth will cost a lot, especially now the cloud host is charged according to M, and it will be very expensive after 5M, which is unbearable for some people. Therefore, the CDN acceleration service will come in use at this time.

In general terms, a CDN is a content delivery network whose main function is to enable users in different locations to quickly access the content provided by a website without often having to wait or get stuck. To be specific, CDN is to use more cache servers (CDN edge nodes), and put them in the area or network where users access relatively centralized. When the user visits the website, the global load technology is used to direct the user's visit to the nearest cache server, and the cache server responds to the user's request.

Let me remind you, if you are running a website, you should know that there are several factors that are key to your success:

1. Attractive content;

2. Fast access speed;

3, support frequent user interaction, including trading, downloading, etc.;

4. You can browse everywhere without obstacles.

With more and more objects such as images, frames, CSS, APIs, and all manner of sharing actions, your site will have to avoid losing users due to slow loading.

Web sites using CDN acceleration have many benefits:

1, conducive to the site ranking

For search engines, web sites use the CDN acceleration is advantageous to the search engine rankings, because many search engines will open the website speed as a more important indicator, so when the site access speed too slow will affect the search rankings, and after using the CDN to accelerate, website open speed faster, not only bounce rate is also reduced, It also adds to the user-friendly experience of the site.

2. Acceleration across regions and operators

If the enterprise's website server is in Beijing and the operator is Telecom, when the Unicom users in Guangdong visit the enterprise website, the website opening speed will be much slower than that of the local telecom customers in Beijing due to cross-regional and cross-operator reasons, which is easy to cause the loss of the enterprise's customers. Therefore, through the CDN server acceleration, the effect is very obvious.

3. Optimize server performance

If your site's server performance is very poor, carrying capacity is limited, there may be sudden traffic, it is easy to lead to a direct server crash. Especially during the festival of e-commerce website activities, the traffic concentration, then the website can not open, the sales will inevitably be greatly lost.

4. Decrease resource requests

No matter your website is a static website, or a dynamic website, as long as the pictures, ICONS, CSS files, JS files and other content, cached in the CDN node, open it will be very smooth, or access will be very slow.

5, improve the security and stability of the website

Because the CDN acceleration is scattered nodes, attackers difficult laid hands on him, and against a node only affect one node cache to browse, and CDN service node quantity many, will be automatically enabled another node, then the attacker must flow package will be the increase of the geometric level, such attacks have naturally high cost.

In short, in addition to personal blogs and flow rarely and partial localized site without using the CDN to accelerate, commercial sites are very suitable for use the CDN to accelerate service to provide users with better access to the experience, therefore, choose strength ahead of the strong and economical performance of CDN services, has become the site technical personnel's important topic.