Enterprise website how to choose their own server?
April 06,2021
As is known to all, in the beginning of the website construction enterprises should first decided to choose what style of the web server, web server play a decisive role to loading a site, if there is no guarantee that the website loading speed for the site optimization work also has the difficulty, in the late how enterprises should choose the web server? The following is a detailed analysis of the problem, hoping to help you oh.
1. Important parameters
In general, web servers are mostly CPU-powered, but there are two other architectures available: RISC and CISC. The former is based on the use of RISC technology more upscale, generally use UNIX operating system; The latter CISC is widely trusted by small and medium-sized enterprises. It can be said that it is a more down-to-earth server in the middle and low end. Most of it is based on Linux operating system or Windows operating system.
2. CPU of the server
The importance of the server to the website must be understood, and the impact of the CPU on the server is no small matter, like the existence of the human brain. Server CPU, therefore, fundamentally determines the quality of the web server performance is good or bad, in the same way, if the greater the number of CPU cache server, the higher the frequency can also drive the server is running speed, combined with site open speed will be faster and faster, can further enhance the use of the website user experience, is fully staffed.
3. Server memory
Many servers commonly use dedicated ECC calibration memory, which also indicates that you need to learn to match different CPU systems while using ECC memory. If you want to make your own server have a good performance experience, you need to increase the amount of server memory. After all, for network service merchants, the memory size of the server is very important. For example, the lowest matching type should have 2GB of memory, and other server matching types can be increased accordingly according to the needs of different enterprises.
4, the server network card
Many servers in the use of the most basic needs is to meet the need to provide corresponding services for the computer, therefore, the server needs to have the function of communication with other computers, this point on the server's processing capacity has a small challenge. If the server does not have the communication function with other computers, it will not be able to respond to the needs of the client in time, which will have a great impact on the network information transmission. Therefore, in order to ensure that the server fast transmission of network information needs, must be equipped with a gigabit card or more to the server, this can give the server the most basic service guarantee.
In a word, the enterprise website in the choice of website server must be polished eyes, for do not understand the problem to consult carefully, website server in the significance of the website is extraordinary, I hope the content shared today can help enterprises to complete the choice of website server oh.