Servers are not just repositories for websites
August 12,2021
An excellent enterprise website is not to say that only one aspect is done well, it can be all right. It definitely needs to be evaluated in terms of design, ease of use, architecture, etc. It's like buying a car isn't just about 100 kilometers. Everyone's needs are different, but no one wants a car that stands out in one way and fails in everything else. The same is true of websites, either good design is a good website, or simple architecture is a good website. Look at what the focus is first, and then the other aspects can't be too bad. This can be said to be a good enterprise website.

The website is attached to the server and exist, like before because of zhengzhou heavy rain caused the server power, the results of many websites are not open. It is like the warehouse mentioned in the title of network optimization. We just use the network to get the goods we need in the warehouse. If the warehouse is flooded, we can't get the goods in it. Having said that, there is one big difference between a server and a warehouse. The good or bad of the warehouse is not particularly big on the goods stored, but the impact of the server on the website, that is big to go. Network optimization that thing next to tell you about in detail.

Server space is too small
You've all heard of websites crashing. This can happen when a large number of users visit a website in a short period of time. For example, the website of was overwhelmed by passengers buying tickets during the Spring Festival travel rush. This situation is unlikely to appear in the ordinary course of business website, but for the development of the company, visitors to the site will be with the development of optimization, the company is becoming more and more, may be a slowly began to become able to meet the requirements of the server, usually appear this kind of circumstance, service provider or website construction company will remind you to upgrade your business web site server. If you ignore this warning, you risk a crash. This is not directly related to the size of the server provider, only a small server provider to your service may be shrunk, so that you face the risk of website crash in advance, and it is usually not very good.
Poor server stability
Let's take a warehouse for example, if a warehouse warehouse manager from time to time closed the door, you sometimes come to pick up the goods, no one, then what? They either wait for someone to come back, they don't get the goods at all, or they get evicted before they get them. If there's a real warehouse like this, it won't be long before it goes stale. But there are a lot of small server companies, not so big strength, provide services like this shabby warehouse, with this server can not hold their air, the key is to affect the user experience, maybe a big customer because of a website did not open and lost.

Security is not guaranteed

No matter be enterprise website or personal website, can face the test of security. Good server provider can provide a full range of security services, to ensure the safety of website data, not to be stolen or tamper with criminals. Those small servers, in this respect do not do so well, as I said a shabby warehouse, it may be easy for criminals to get in, steal your user data, that will cause more damage than a better server
So xiaobian or suggest that you choose the server in this respect, be sure to choose a larger brand. If there is a dedicated Internet service provider, ask what server is being used. Don't wait until after the loss to try to repair, although it can protect the later sheep, but the lost sheep will eventually be lost.