The matters needing attention for renting the server of the station group
July 19,2021

     In the Internet era, in order to adapt to the development of The Times, both physical products, virtual products and services are building their own websites and choosing their own brands, products and services. Many enterprises to seize market share or individual stationmaster to obtain more profits, set up their own station group. Some people believe that more is better than more, but others believe that only by casting a bigger net can you catch more fish. Of course, whether it is committed to doing a website, or the establishment of a group of sites, are the core of the key to the enterprise. For the choice of the construction of the station group of enterprises or stationmaster, here for you to introduce the station group server rental matters needing attention.

     1, the establishment of a station group should choose a server with different IP to understand SEO webmasters know that if a large number of websites are placed under the same IP, it is easy to be regarded as cheating by search engines and severely punished. Therefore, we placed the site and avoided selecting the same IP to be stored. At the same time, we also looked to see if the IP stored by the Institute had any other gray industry sites. If so, try to choose a different IP so that other sites will not be affected if they are punished by the search engines.
      2. Check the server access speed and stability of a high-quality server must have high speed and stability conditions. Only when the server is working properly will it not affect the website. You can check the speed and stability of the server access by using the host or the example provided by the PING command.
      3.If you use the same information when registering a site group domain name, search engines will easily find it, making it difficult to optimize the site group. When registering a domain name, choose as many different domains as possible and use as much different information as possible to outwit the search engines.

      4. Try to choose different styles when building a group of stations. In order to save time and cost, many enterprises or webmasters apply website templates to many websites, which is a big no-no in site group optimization. The same style, if the content is more similar, then it is easy to be punished by search engines.

     5. The intelligent detection technology of station group links to avoid mutual chain search engines is becoming more and more powerful. If it is not well concealed, it is easy to detect. Therefore, when we build links to site groups, we try to avoid links between site groups. The so-called station group, is the website main use the search engine natural optimization rules to promote, from the search engine end to bring traffic method. How to choose the server of the station group, the server is very important for the station group, the choice of stable and efficient server is the key to the success of the operation of the station group