How to test whether the Hong Kong server rented is CN2 line?
May 10,2021

Cn2, a new generation of integrated bearer network of China Telecom, serves the key business of China Telecom and SLA business with QoS guarantee. It can provide high-performance network indicators, with average one-way delay, maximum one-way delay and one-way packet loss rate all at the top level. To put it simply, CN2 is like the difference between expressways and ordinary roads, and like the difference between high-speed trains and green cars.
Many domestic users will choose Hong Kong CN2 server, but how to detect whether the rented Hong Kong server is CN2 line?
Here we have a very simple solution, which is to use the tracert (or traceroute under Linux) command.
To judge whether the Hong Kong server you rent is CN2 line, then execute on the CMD of the computer: Tracert server IP

After the command is executed, it will display all the route nodes from the local to the rented server in Hong Kong (or from the server in Hong Kong to the local computer). If there is a node with IP 59.43.** in the node, it means that the line is Cn2.