What kind of server should foreign trade choose?
May 17,2021
With the development of the Internet and global integration, many foreign trade enterprises have also developed rapidly.
So what kind of server should we choose?
1. Speed and stability
Fast and stable foreign trade website server is the first condition of operation. This is the first and most important factor in running a website. Only foreign trade website server speed, good stability, domestic and foreign access to browse experience will be more good.

2. Server hardware can be upgraded
Generally, the flow is relatively small at the beginning, but at any time the operation of the website, the growing business of foreign trade companies, the requirements for server configuration are also to continue to improve, in order to later without transferring data, we must choose a later support upgrade server.

3. Be rational about prices
Server business is very much, large companies, small businesses, individuals are many, the competition is also very fierce. Some companies or individuals in order to attract the attention of customers on the false advertising, although looking at the price is very cheap, but the quality of the machine is terrible, from time to time there are some problems, but the customer service can not contact. Therefore, we must treat the price problem correctly, and do not take small gains and suffer great losses.

4. Formal IDC service providers
Be sure to choose a regular IDC service provider, such an enterprise reputation is guaranteed, reasonable price, machine quality and after-sales service are relatively high quality, will not be cheated. And provide 24 hours after sales, any problem can be solved at any time, reduce the loss of our customers.