How to improve the security of your web server
August 24,2021
Web server in the long run the DDoS attacks, will happen in the process of receiving junk E-mail, hackers steal data, or other malicious behavior, in the face of this situation is part of the web server user may not know how to deal with, the web server user can actually in the daily do something to improve security, Can also reduce the occurrence of this kind of malicious behavior, the following small series to introduce the website server to improve the security of the method.

1: Update the system or patch in a timely manner

No matter what web server operating system would have the existence of loopholes, and many of the site safety risk is derived from the web server did not install the latest patch or the latest operating system, so as to avoid many loopholes, the corresponding system and application software needs to be updated in a timely manner to avoid exposing loopholes, because can also reduce the risk of being attacked.

2: configure the firewall

Web server must install a firewall, the firewall installed in the front of the web server, so enter web server in flow is often after the firewall filtering flow, and other abnormal flow inside the firewall can be isolated directly, at the same time in the firewall to install intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, so as to maximize the firewall.

3: Installs security software

To prevent the web server system from being infected, you must install commercial-grade anti-malware software and anti-virus engine on the web server. In this way, viruses or malicious software entering the web server can be found in a timely manner, providing real-time protection for the system. In addition, it is necessary to regularly scan the whole system through these engine Settings to ensure the security of the website server system, and usually need to pay attention to the engine that can prevent ransomware.

4: Configure the high defense service

If the web server is frequently attacked by DDoS attacks and the web server network is inaccessible due to traffic from hundreds or thousands of IP addresses, you need to enable high protection against DDoS attacks at the network level. The DDoS cleaning engine of the highly anti-ddos server is automatic. It can study traffic patterns and accurately detect all malicious traffic so that it can be discarded before entering the website server or data center.

5: Regular security audit

Web server in the process of using needs regular safety audits, because this can ensure the web server user always can ensure the safety of the operating system, ensure the security of the E-mail server, web server at the same time than the default port setting standards and key services, ensure the firewall is in the best Settings, and so on.

The above content is about the website server to improve the security of the website server users in the daily maintenance of the system need to pay more attention to these aspects, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the website server.