The phenomenon of DDoS attacks on US websites
June 18,2021
The web server user in the long-term use the most headache is encountered in the process of network attacks, network attack after bring a loss after all for the website server users may be unable to estimate, even can't afford, but some American website server users have not found when a DDoS attack, delay the processing time, Today Xiaobian to share the United States website server suffered DDoS attack phenomenon.

What happens when a DDoS attack hits a U.S. website's server:

1. There will be a large number of abnormal TCP connections waiting for the server of the US website when it is attacked;

2. A large number of useless data packets are flooded in the server system network of the American website, whose source address is a false address;

3, there is high traffic useless data caused by the United States website server network congestion, so that normal communication with the outside world;

4, the occurrence of repeated high-speed issued specific service requests, so that the United States website server can not timely process all the normal requests;

5, serious will cause the United States website server system directly appear downtime.

How to Prevent DDoS Attacks on U.S. Web Servers:

1. Use network security equipment to protect the network resources of the American website server, such as routers, firewalls and other load devices.

2. Filtering non-essential service items and ports, setting filtering false IP addresses on the router, and also filtering out all IP addresses on the internal network, only opening the port of the US website server for necessary services.

3. Scanning the nodes of the server network of the American website regularly, checking vulnerabilities, and timely repairing and handling.

4. Use the reverse router to check whether the IP address of the visitors of the American website server is the real address. The unicast reverse route forwarding is the method to judge the false IP, and if the false address is found, the IP can be directly screened.

5. In the United States, the website server router is configured with SYN/ICMP to limit the maximum flow for filtering. When there is abnormal flow, it means there is abnormal network access.

The above is about the phenomenon of DDoS attack on the website server in the United States and some ways of daily defense. For high-risk websites or users with high security requirements, it is suggested to rent the high defense server in the United States directly to build the website business, which can effectively protect the website from DDoS attack.