Advantages of SSD solid-state drives
June 25,2021
Servers that use SSDs are faster and more flexible than those that use traditional HDD drives. Servers that use SSDs are more likely to offer SSDs than those that use traditional HDD drives. Here are some of the trends in server SSDs.

First: fast speed

The traditional HDD hard disk only uses a set of mechanical arms and magnetic heads to read and write, so the server will be subject to the physical limit of the maximum speed, which can not be compared with the SSD solid state disk which uses the chip to access data. Take the latest SSD solid state disk on the market as an example, its configuration of the server's maximum read and write speed has reached 549MB/s. Manufacturer SanDisk says sound is 20 times faster than HDD drives.

Two: easy to upgrade

Because server SSDs store data on a chip, space fragmentation is more flexible, which is useful for U.S. server users who need to upgrade at any time. Flexible space planning also helps reduce costs.

Three: new technology

The latest SSD technologies for durability, data protection and recovery have been discovered. It is expected that new storage technologies will continue to be introduced in the future, such as server SSD SSD life extension, data protection and disaster recovery technology, etc. The capacity of SSD SSD is also making more progress according to the requirements of the server.

The above points are the technical trend of server SSD development. For users who have high performance or high speed requirements for the server, it is recommended to configure SSD SSD for the server to achieve better working effect.