What is the difference between a Linux server and a Windows server
August 03,2021
With the development of society, the server has been widely used in our life, many industries need servers, now the market is running the most Linux server and Windows server, then what is the difference between the two? Xiaobian for you to introduce.

1, cost performance: both from the cost performance, Linux server advantage is more obvious, Linux as a resource management and operating system, is open source, free, legitimate Windows operating system is charged, so the cost performance of Linux server than Windows has more advantages.

2, performance: if the enterprise site, content and traffic are not very large, the same configuration of the Linux server performance is much better than Windows server, Linux server occupies less resources.

3, stability: Windows system is the most widely used operating system, but also by the attacker care of the system, the system security vulnerabilities are more accordingly. Linux is a multi-user, multi-process operating system that can handle a large number of running processes at once, much more than Windows can handle.

4, security: Linux system and Windows system each have their own security technology, Linux open source software development and ways to help expose errors, can be combined with the wisdom of everyone to solve problems, patch update faster; Another disadvantage of Windows is that many programs rely on remote calls, so Windows is less restrictive than Linux, where remote procedure calls are restricted.