Why choose the Hong Kong site group server?
June 04,2021
With the continuous development of the Internet, the major search engines are constantly updated, and the site group has become the mainstream.

Some webmasters do station group, some are pan-station, and some are used for SEO optimization. The final reason is to collect, draw traffic and make money

Now there are two main types of station group servers used by each stationmaster. The first kind is the United States station group server, which will not be said much.

Let's talk about the second type of Hong Kong site group server. Now many users choose Hong Kong site group server for the following reasons:

1. First of all, the first reason to give you the server in Hong Kong is that Hong Kong is relatively close to China. The line of the server in Hong Kong is Cn2 +BGP, so the speed is certainly much faster than that of the server in the United States.

2. The second reason, which is also the unique feature of the station group server, is that Hong Kong has rich IP resources, which are all brand new IP, with a large number of IP, usually dozens or hundreds or even thousands of IP.

3. The third reason, which is also the unique feature of the station cluster server, is the scattered IP segment. Generally, the station cluster server is divided into 1 segment 258IP, 4 segment 244IP and 8 segment 232IP.

Like an IP has a lot of stations of this, Baidu and other search engines may think you this is a garbage station, included may be less, if it is an IP a website, included naturally will be much faster.

4. There is a bit of Hong Kong server bandwidth 1M in about 400 or 500 yuan, do not be pit, say is exclusive or sharing.