Why Hong Kong Multi IPs Servers Are Popular
December 25,2019
Multi-IPs server, which is an important tool for SEO optimization. If an enterprise needs to build a website with multiple websites and needs to improve the website's inclusion on the search engine, to increase the weight and traffic of the website, the site group server can be selected to meet this function.

Configuring a separate IP for the website can increase the weight of the website and improve the ranking of search engines. The Multi-IPs server is characterized by multiple IPs. Enterprises can set up multiple websites under different IPs. Each website is independent, which is more conducive to search engine indexing. Besides, if too many similar websites are configured under the same IP, they will be judged as cheating by search engines, and websites in the same IP will be punished, which is very unfavorable to the optimization of the website. Configuring the website with a different IP can also prevent the website from being involved. After all, website optimization work is accumulated over time. Once it is misjudged by the search engine, the previous work is equivalent to a waste of time.

For the Multi-IPs server, Hong Kong Multi-IPs server is the most popular. Because Hong Kong is very close to the mainland, the access delay is very low, and there is no problem that operators cannot communicate with each other. The Hong Kong Multi-IPs server also avoids website filing procedures, and it will be a lot easier to build and maintain the site. The JimCloud Hong Kong Multi-IPs server is faster and more stable than the domestic Multi-IPs server. It has access to China Telecom's CN2 bandwidth and is optimized for domestic access. It is very suitable for domestic users.

JimCloud  Hong Kong ME IDC provides Hong Kong Multi-IPs server, multiple configuration servers, and provides 244-253 IPs, which are allocated in different C segments, making the website optimization work more efficient and simpler.