Hong Kong server public test, renewal fee $70 only
September 12,2019
E3-1230 Hong Kong server is configured with 8G hard disk, 1TB HDD or 240G SSD hard disk, and exclusive 10M unlimited traffic optimized bandwidth. The test only needs to be registered to apply! The application can be tested free of charge for 7 days, and the renewal fee is only $70.

E3-1230 Free Test for 7 Days Try it now

The JimCloud Hong Kong data center uses a branded server to access high-quality network bandwidth, improve server quality and connection speed, and ensure user business stability and efficiency.JimCloud's all server configurations and bandwidths can be upgraded according to user needs.

Hong Kong servers have the advantages of free filing, international bandwidth, geographical location, etc., while hardware, bandwidth and lines are the reasons for the popularity of Hong Kong servers. Hong Kong servers are definitely the first choice for users in the financial, e-commerce and gaming industries.

The application time for public beta activities is: October 1st - 7th, 2019, each account is limited to 5 sets, and you can also enjoy the annual payment (buy in October for February).


1. The agent purchase counts into the monthly online number;
2. After the event is over, the product will be restored to the original price;

3. This special offer does not include upgrade configuration service, renewal hardware or bandwidth upgrade, and processing at normal sales price;

4. Sale promotion until February 29, 2020.