Fraud, phishing and other illegal businesses are strictly prohibited from using our resources
April 13,2023
JimCloud prohibits users from using our resources for the following purposes:

a. Sensitive political purposes;

b. Any attack by hackers, placing Trojan horses, viruses, etc.;
c. Place all illegal content such as fraudulent fishing, pornography, gambling, violent coercion, incitement to hatred, and counterfeit brands;
d. Place any unauthorized intellectual property rights, including but not limited to books, music, software, videos;
e. send spam;
f. Any behavior that may cause JimCloud to be subject to network retaliation or affect other users;

g. And any other content that violates the laws of the local country and involves any criminal offense;

If the above content is found, immediately cancel the user and recycle the product for disposal. Do not give power on, transfer data and other behaviors!