Notice of Penalty for Abuse Complaints About Abuse of IP
June 07,2022
Dear Customer,

Recently, we have discovered a large number of abuses of IP addresses, sending spam, attacks or infringements, which have seriously affected the normal use of other users. When using the services provided by JimCloud, you must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, and violation of this policy may be considered a violation of your terms of service with us.


In order to protect the security, integrity, reliability, and privacy of the JimCloud network and the products and services that JimCloud provides to its customers, the JimCloud Abuse Team manages, notifies, and tracks violations of the JimCloud Abuse policy level through the use of Abuse violations. Due to the seriousness of certain policy violations, JimCloud will impose statutes of limitations for various Abuse types.


Penalties and processing mechanisms are as follows:

1. If JimCloud receives Abuse complaints about attacks and security (launching attacks, port scanning, sending packets, illegal intrusions, etc.):

a) The first time you receive a complaint from Abuse: The machine will be suspended immediately, unless you can provide evidence of self-initiated behavior, please immediately follow the requirements of Abuse, such as reinstalling the system or cleaning up Trojans, etc., and a fine of $20/time/IP ;

b) Abuse complaint received for the second time: The machine is immediately suspended without refund, and a fine of $20/time/IP will be imposed.


2. If JimCloud receives an email complaining of infringement (brand, video, intellectual copyright), please immediately follow the requirements of Abuse, such as the following infringing links, works or websites. fine;


3. If JimCloud receives a complaint email from Spamhaus, an international anti-spam organization or a spam complaint from an operator, JimCloud will immediately suspend the server and ask the user to immediately follow the requirements of Abuse, such as immediately unbinding the IP from the complained domain name , stop sending spam, and will be fined $20/time/IP, and the IP of Abuse is not allowed to unblock;


4. If JimCloud receives a complaint email about phishing fraud and illegal fraud, JimCloud will directly recycle the server and will not refund the fee, and will impose a fine of $20/time/IP.


5. The server that applies to open the mail port will be fined 50 USD/time/IP if it receives a spam complaint;


6. If the user's IP is blocked, popular or high risk due to his own use, our company will not provide IP replacement services.

7. The IP cannot be used due to reasons other than JimCloud, and the cost of replacing the IP is 5 USD/time


JimCloud will send warnings and forward Abuse notifications through work orders and emails. Users are requested to complete the processing and reply to the work order within 6 hours. If the notification is not processed three times within 24 hours, JimCloud has the right to directly suspend the server without refunding. At the same time, if the fine bill is not paid within 24 hours, JimCloud will shut down the server where the complained IP is located.


If the same server receives Abuse emails three times, JimCloud has the right to recycle the server directly without refund.


I hope that all agents and users will give understanding and support, and inform the end users of our system.


JimCloud reserves the right to change the "Notice of Punishment for Abuse Complaints About Abuse of IP" at any time, and when JimCloud changes, it will also update the date of signing. JimCloud recommends that users check this page frequently to keep up to date with the latest regulations, and you understand and agree that it is your responsibility to periodically review the latest penalty notices.


JimCloud Abuse Team

Updated June 7, 2022