Singapore data center goes online
October 22,2021
JimCloud Singapore data center has been launched, located in the east of Singapore. Singapore is the earliest and most stable country in the development of data centers in Southeast Asia. Singapore's reliable power, advanced infrastructure, operator-neutral data centers and competitive pricing will all contribute to its continued growth in the future.


At the same time, due to Singapore's geographical advantages, it has connected to a number of international submarine optical cables, which can be the hub of Southeast Asian data centers. Singapore's data center can cover Southeast Asia and even Oceania, and the speed of access from Europe and the United States is relatively fast. Singapore is one of the countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world. It provides high-capacity bandwidth and advanced infrastructure. It has become the second largest gateway for Chinese companies to expand overseas or global companies to enter the Chinese mainland, excluding Hong Kong. Therefore, Singapore is the first choice for overseas companies to cover Southeast Asia.

The JimCloud Singapore data center is T3 standard, with a power SLA of 99.99%. It has a complete power system, cooling system, fire-fighting system, and security system to ensure the stable operation of the data center. Many operators have been connected to provide high-quality network bandwidth. Singapore provides two options: optimized bandwidth and international bandwidth. The optimized bandwidth is optimized for mainland access. The delay is as low as 80ms, and the network is fast and stable. In addition, international bandwidth can cover global access, allowing users to realize that Singapore becomes one of the options for overseas deployment.


Singapore server provides a variety of physical server configurations to meet different business needs.