The Japanese computer room is online, with a half price discount in the first month
August 09,2021

Tokyo Colt IDC

Colt IDC is one of the large-scale data in Tokyo, located in Koto-ku, with more than 6000 cabinets.

Computer room level: T3+

Power system: N+1 / 2N UPS, backup generator 2N design
Air conditioning system: temperature 22 +/- 2 degrees Celsius, humidity 50% +/- 10%
Fire fighting system: FM-200 gas / Novec 1230 gas fire extinguishing system / fireproof composite automatic sprinkler system
Security system: 24-hour CCTV monitoring with digital recording function, security personnel implement access control

The computer room in Japan is online, with a half price discount for the first month

CIA circuit test IP:

CN2 line test IP:

CDIA line test IP:

Active models:
E3 16G 1T 20MCIA 3IP 499/month
E5-2650L V2 1T 20MCIA 3IP 599/month

1. This promotional server ends on August 31 or when sold out;
2. The renewal fee of this activity is the same price, and enjoy 5% off quarterly payment, buy 5 get 1 free, buy 10 get 2 free;
3. The price of this activity is not shared with other preferential activities;
4. This special offer product does not include upgrade configuration services, such as upgrading hardware or bandwidth, it will be processed at the normal sales price.