JimCloud Hong Kong computer room and US computer room launch large-bandwidth server promotions, US G
August 09,2021
JimCloud Hong Kong computer room and THE United States computer room to launch a big bandwidth server promotion, E3-1230 and 2*E5-2660 big bandwidth server value promotion, activities until August 31, 2021, more details welcome to contact.

Us machine room:
(1) E3-1230/8G/240G SSD/ Omnidirectional bandwidth Unlimited traffic 1299 yuan for port G
(2) E3-1230/8G/240G SSD/ International bandwidth Unlimited traffic for G port 999 yuan
(3) E3-1230/8G/240G SSD/ omnidirectional bandwidth G port 100T 1199 yuan
(4) E3-1230/8G/240G SSD/ International bandwidth 100T for G port 699 yuan

(5) 2 x e5-2660/32 gb /1T SSD/ omnidirectional bandwidth unlimited traffic 1699 yuan for port G
(6) 2 x e5-2660/32 gb /1T SSD/ international bandwidth unlimited traffic for G port 1399 yuan
(7) 2*E5-2660/32G/1T SSD/ omnidirectional bandwidth G port 100T 1499 yuan
(8) 2 x E5-2660/32G/1T SSD/ International bandwidth G port 100T 1399 yuan

Hong Kong machine room:
(1) E3-1230/8G/240G SSD/ 50M unlimited traffic RMB 1299
(2) E3-1230/8G/240G SSD/ international bandwidth 100M unlimited traffic RMB 1099

(3) 2*E5-2660/32G/1T HDD/ omnidirectional bandwidth 50M unlimited traffic 1599 yuan
(4) 2*E5-2660/32G/1T HDD/ International bandwidth 100M unlimited traffic 1399 yuan

1. This promotional server will be available until August 31 or when it is sold out;
2. This activity is at the same price for renewal, with a 95 percent discount for the same season. Buy 5 get 1 free, buy 10 get 2 free;
3. The price of this activity is not shared with other preferential activities;
4. This special offer does not include upgrade configuration services, such as hardware or bandwidth upgrade, at the normal sales price.