JimCloud Philippines data center is ready
March 19,2021
JimCloud Philippines data center is ready
The new JimCloud data center in the Philippines has been officially launched, and the ME Philippines data center is located in Manila. The Philippines has a population of 110 million, ranking second only to Indonesia in Southeast Asia and one of the 12 countries with a population of over 100 million. The population structure of the Philippines is growing, and the consumption of the young population will mainly drive its economic growth. This is the most suitable country for Internet companies to export valuable experience from globalization. Besides, young people in the Philippines are more dependent on the Internet. Between the ages of 18-24, mobile Internet users in the Philippines account for 36%, which is 8% higher than the average value in Southeast Asia. 

Internet users in the Philippines are most keen to use social media, which is closely related to the popularity of mobile phones and too much idle time for users. The penetration rate of mobile social networks in the Philippines is 32%, and the user activity and user duration of social networks in the Philippines provide a very good user environment for the rapid development of Internet products. The booming Internet environment in the Philippines has led many companies to explore the Philippines, which has also made the Philippine server are very popular in Southeast Asia. The Philippine server has many advantages, including exemption from filing, loose policies, and sufficient bandwidth resources, suitable for e-commerce websites, various trading platforms, web games, and various game application customers.

JimCloud ME Manila data center is connected to multiple submarine optical cables to connect to all parts of the world. Megalayar Philippines server is equipped with optimized bandwidth so that business deployment in the Philippines can also be a worry-free remote operation. JimCloud provides dedicated server and VPS. JimCloud Manila ME IDC uses branded servers and accessories to ensure server stability. Manila ME IDC is also an international Tier III standard, which uses dual power supply configuration and large-capacity diesel for power facilities The generator is used as a backup power source, and the SLA is as high as 99.28%. At the same time, we provide a high-speed fully redundant network on the network construction. Avoid single point of failure, 99% uptime guarantee.

More information about the Philippines data center details can be found on the introduction page, or check Manila's product details for more information.